“How quickly can you sell my house?”

It fluctuates. In the past two years selling time was typically within a 1-14 day window. However, it’s around 40-60 days in the current market. If priced right it won’t take long, but if the house is unique, it can take more time.

“What is the commission?”

In the Fraser Valley, generally speaking, commission is anywhere from 6-7% on the 1st $100,000 and 2.5-3.5% on the balance of the purchase price (plus GST). We are committed to working with our sellers and will discuss and be fair with all aspects of our commission rates.

“How much is my home worth?”

Our CMA is up-to-date and based on many factors in the market. We take into consideration recent sales, active and expired listings, location, similarities or differences of comparisons to your home. The evaluation is multi-faceted, drawing on years of experience in the real estate market. Location, timing and current market conditions also play a significant role in determining an accurate price.

“What can I do to improve my home for selling?”

We will help you with suggestions, solutions and staging to make your home show the best way possible.

“What can I do to interior/exterior for staging?”

Start with a thorough clean from top to bottom. Declutter, throw out the garbage, mow the lawn, trim shrubs and put some flower near the entrance of your house. First impressions count when it comes to preparing to sell. Repair any broken items (i.e. blinds), and touch up paint (inside and out) to show that you have been taking care of the house. Home buyers like to know that they are investing in a property that has a good history.

“Do I need to fix/replace appliances?”

Yes. This will arise during the inspection so the sooner you deal with broken appliances, the better, or the buyer may ask for a price reduction. Anything over $1000, which is what most realtors put in inspection clause, can trigger renegotiating.

“Do I need a new furnace filter?”

Yes. It’s only about $20.

“Do I need an inspection?”

We always recommend that purchasers obtain an inspection and do their due diligence to gather as much information on the home as possible. It’s still the option of the buyer to opt out of an inspection.

“What happens during an inspection?”

An inspection can last anywhere 2-6 hours depending on the size of the property. During which, the inspector will examine and assess the overall condition of the home—including, the foundation, roof, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, water, and sewage—and anything else that will affect the overall value of the property.

“What is a CMA?”

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) will provide you with a listing price for your home that’s based on comparative analysis of the local market. See more about CMA here ->

“Where are your services?”

We provide services from as far out as Langley, all the way out to Hope BC. However, we always are happy to offer our services if requested and the conditions are right.

“Do I need to pay a penalty for my mortgage?”

You need to call your lender to see if there is a penalty. Realtors have no authority to get info on your behalf because of privacy laws.

“Am I capable of selling?”

Yes, if you aren’t in debt (i.e. you can pay the fees incurred while selling. Of course, there are exceptions in the case of mental infirmity, divorce or non-agreement from all parties on the title.

“Can I qualify for a mortgage?”

You need to call your bank or a mortgage broker to see if you qualify.

“I’m an investor, how much do I need to put down?”

Investors need 20% down.

“I’m a new home buyer, do I get an exemption?”

See BC government First Time Home Buyers program as too detailed to add entire qualifications.

“I don’t live in BC, is there a tax?”

There is a new speculation tax taking effect in 2019.

“How much are your legal fees?”

Legal fees vary for lawyers and notaries (we ask to get quotes).

“Is there outstanding taxes on my property?”

The seller can check with the city to find out.

“Is there a lean on my property?”

A title search that we provide will show any outstanding liens however a lawyer/notary will do the second one prior to completion to make sure one has not been put on before completion.

“What is a property disclosure (PDS) form?”

It’s a form all sellers have to fill out regarding the condition of their home. If an owner has not resided or has no first-hand knowledge (investor or executor of estate etc.), then it is scratched off and signed as never-residing in property.

“Is a realtor coming to present the offer?”

Realtors can ask to present their offer; however, it is not always feasible to have realtors present due to time constraints.

“Do I need to be present for negotiations?”

Not if you don’t want to. Negotiations can be a stressful affair, and we’re happy to take that stress away from you.

“Can I accept two offers and play one off the other?”