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The Benefits of Marketing

Right Price – This is the price that is best for you and the one that sells.

Property Potential – Showcase the potential of the home (if it’s older home it might need cosmetic face life).

Home Highlights – Familiarize buyers with unknown features (heated floors, hardwood floors, high-end appliances etc.

Save Cost – Access to vendors saves cost. We incorporate the assets.

Timely Selling – Selling is time sensitive (pricing it right) and the first 3 weeks are critical.

Experience – We have the skill set to do the marketing (30+).

Communicate the True Value of Your Home

Pre-Home Inspection

We do a pre-home inspection for all of our properties.

We won’t waste time plasting the town with ads. We’ll identify the right buyer segment and target them specifically. Saving valuable time and resources along the way. First we’ll identify who the buyer could be and then we look for that buyer specifically.

This is an optional service offered at the seller’s discretion and if the property is suited.

Digital Advertising


Magnify your home’s features to buyers across the digital landscape, on the web and across social media platforms. Every home is unique and it’s our job (and our joy) to identify and highlight these uniqueness online.

Traditional Advertising


People still go to the paper to look for homes, even though these days it seems like print is dead. Signs are also placed out front, and brochures and feature sheets get printed for any opportunity to sell your house to potential buyers.



Staging gets your home show-ready for buyers. Homes that look great, often sell faster, and for higher. Pick out the top features of the home and accentuate them.


  • Stress-Free – 3 Decades of Experience Selling
  • Sell Faster – with Accurate Pricing Expertise
  • Spread the Word – Robust Advertising Channels (Print and Digital)
  • Signs – We still put them on your lawn
  • Highlighting – Underscore the best part of the home
  • Great Network – Access to the Best Real Estate Network in the Valley

For Every House Sold, 3% Of Our Commission Is Donated To Cyrus Centre, A Non-Profit That Helps Feed And House Disadvantaged Teens In Chilliwack.

Preparing Your Home To Sell:

A Quick Guide

Here is a couple of things you can do immediately to prepare to market your home. Of course we can help with staging.


Get rid of anything you don’t use or need anymore. If an item doesn’t give you joy anymore, sell it, or donate it.



Make sure bedroom are tidy, fill cracks and add a coat of paint if necessary.



Give your bathroom a spa-like feel with scents and ambiance.


Living Room

If your living room is cluttered, take out a couple of pieces of furniture so the room has a more spacious vibe.



Dishes are clean and put away, dead light bulbs replaced, floor washed and everything looks tidy.



Let potential buys know they can actually park their car in the garage. Get rid of junk and tidy up.



Mow the lawn, trim the hedges. Home buyers are making a huge investment and want to know the property has been taken care of.


Add Some Flowers

First impressions always matter. Adding a splash flowers to the front entrance goes a long way in making your house inviting to potential buyers.